HUMAS organizes conferences and oratories inviting important figures to share their knowledge with the students. Here are some examples of the type of events we host.

Speaker Series: Alvaro Rodriguez

To launch our Speaker Series 2016-17, we organized a Wine & Cheese night with Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez, the founder and CEO of IGNIA. Mr. Rodriguez talked about the venture capital sector in Mexico, the importance that Harvard has played in his life, and his continuous work to engage with Harvard students.

Speaker Series: Dr. Carlos Salinas

We had the honor of having Former President of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who provided us with a thorough analysis of NAFTA and its implications for the 21st century. The event was moderated by
Dr. Ricardo Hausmann, Director of the Center for International Development and was jointly organized with the Mexican Caucus at HKS.

Ex Presidente de Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gortari

Speaker Series: Jorge Luis Lavalle

To better understand Mexico’s Energy Reform, we had a discussion with Senator Jorge Luis Lavalle Maury, a member of PAN and one of the youngest legislators in Congress. Mr. Lavalle told us about his experiences as one of the leading negotiators of the reform and told us about the future implications of the new law for our country’s energy sector.

Speaker Series: Miguel Angel Mancera

In conjunction with the Consulate General of Mexico in Boston and the Mexican Caucus at HKS, we organized a conference with Miguel Angel Mancera, Mayor of Mexico City. Mr. Mancera was joined by the widely-recognized leader of Mexico’s Left, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas. In his participation, Mr. Mancera talked about the new Constitution of CDMX, among other topics.

Speaker Series: Ivonne Ortega

As part of our Speaker Series, we hosted Lic. Ivonne Ortega (former Governor of the State of Yucatan), who told us about her views for a new development model for Mexico. Lic. Ortega told us about her accomplishments as a Governor, as well as her experience across the various levels of the Mexican government.